There's no such thing as too much cake

If you love cake (and any type of sugared food) you'll feel right at home here. Simple baking that can easily be decorated to look show-stopping is what I'm all about.

About Me

I'm Minela (pronounced Min-ella) and I spend most of my time baking cakes, or thinking about cake. I mean, I really think about cake A LOT.

I've been baking for 8 years and I've learnt so much on the way, from the really simple things like making sure you actually turn on the oven to the more complicated things like homemade croissants (super fancy!). I'm still learning and I want to to share things on the way to help people make even more delicious cakes. Some cakes are just to beautiful not to share.

They say baking is a science, but I have a more relaxed approach to things. I think the most important thing is having fun in the kitchen - it somehow makes the bakes taste even better!


On this blog, you'll find simple recipes for delicious cakes. These recipes will have been tested by myself, and my willing friends (I am a huge feeder).
I'll share the tips and techniques (and some mistakes) that I've learnt over the years to make your baking life much easier.


Not sure where to start? You can see all the recipes here. I can't wait to see what you bake!

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